Design Studio + Workshop

Zoetrope Cake

A short film highlighting sections of Zoetrope Cake made in a documentary / collaboration.

The Edge TV

Music Channel Identity. An electric world.

Tattletale Saints

Love & Pain - Album Art for the Nashville based duo.


A gift goes a long way. A short stop motion film using audio extracts from The 2010 Masters.

Farmers Union

Paper made stop motion for a Greek style yogurt.

Back on Track

Origami based paper made stop motion for Australian insurance.

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Stop motion commercial / imagery. Quite sincere.

Puhoi Axemen

Personal / short photography series.

Stuntman Jimmy

Jimmy attempts his most dangerous jump yet - The Flaming Keyring!

Worn Out

Stop motion film demonstrating and amplifying the degradation process of everyday objects.


Music video. Approximately 3000 individual photos and approached largely with a stop motion technique.

All Talk with Anika Moa

Graphics package for Anika Moa's TV Show.

The Santa Check

Santa is responsible for billions of gifts each year.


Short trailer about pimple sensitivity.

Bottlecap Swim Park

The opening day.

Her Make Believe Band

Miniature theme park.

First Day on the Job

A short cartoon demonstrating the highly talented as they perhaps were on their first day.

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