Design Studio + Workshop

Zoetrope Cake

Animated Zoetrope Cake.

Back on Track

Origami based / paper made stop motion for Australian insurance.

The Edge TV

An electric world. On-air identity.

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Stop motion commercial / imagery.

Stuntman Jimmy

Jimmy attempts his most dangerous jump yet!

Tiny Butt Town

Art installation. Together a cleaner city.

Farmers Union

Paper made commercial for a Greek style yogurt.

Puhoi Axemen

Short photography series.

Tattletale Saints

Love & Pain - Album art for the Nashville based duo.

Worn Out

Short film demonstrating and amplifying the degradation process of everyday objects.


Music video. Approximately 3000 individual photos and approached largely with a stop motion technique.


A gift goes a long way. A short film using audio extracts from The 2010 Masters.

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