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Sig and Ciggie

Animated series under development at Wield.

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Under development

Created by Ryan Kothe

Say hello to Sig and Ciggie

Sig and Ciggie are ciggie butts, so Sig and Ciggie are Ciggie Buds.


Sig: Sig is short for Sigmund. Sig's an old ciggie. You can tell because he’s short, really short. He’s been there, puffed that. You could call him a father figure. Well, that's if he wasn’t such a scumbag. He’ll give you advice. Some of it bad. Some even terrible. But hey, at least he has a nice voice. That is, if you like the dulcet tones of an old man coughing and generally sounding like an exhaust pipe.


Ciggie: Ciggie is short for ciggie which is short for cigarette. Ciggie is a relatively new ciggie. He’s a little taller than Sig. He has the odd puff under his belt. Not many though. Ciggie has a lot to learn. His voice is not as rough as Sig's and he’s rather impressionable. No worries though. He’s got Sig to help him find his way. Right Sig?

The Life of a Cigarette

Before we tell the stories of Sig and Ciggie, let’s understand their place in the world.

First of all, cigarettes love to be smoked. It’s a bit of a dirty habit of theirs. They’re not dissimilar to the people who smoke them – they know it’s a bad habit, but they don’t seem too worried about it. It feels good, so they do it anyway.

For this reason, cigarettes are kind of hypnotised by fire. Like moths drawn to a light, cigarettes see fire as a portal to happiness. Fire means being smoked, and being smoked is something they crave. Fire is a beautiful thing, and something they can’t take their eyes off when they spot it.

Although the fire is beautiful, cigarettes are far from that. Sig and Ciggie look kind of gross. Their arms and legs are thin and insect-like. They don’t look like the kind of thing you’d want to pick up. Their voices (especially Sig’s) are also kind of rough and wheezy.

There’s also a bit of a social hierarchy when it comes to smoked substances - Cigarettes are very much commoners and nothing special. Cigars are part of the wealthy upper class while joints as wayward rebels. E-cigarettes are robotic like and big on electronic music.

Cigarettes are everywhere. They’re not just sitting in an ash tray. That’s why we’ll find Sig and Ciggie popping up in all sorts of places people flick their ciggie butts and because they’ve been discarded, they wont always be pretty places.

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