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Take Away - Whau River Clean-up

Artwork (1 of 3) made of litter collected from the banks and parks along Whau River. The artworks were made in support of a clean-up event held annually by the Whau River Catchment Trust. Primarily the clean-up is focused on larger litter items and although this has an obvious impact when all gathered together, there is a real gap in the public’s appreciation of the impact of the small, even tiny inorganic objects that end up in our rivers. Perhaps the chief culprit of the tiny litter is the cigarette butt.


The project is being introduced to a few nearby schools to get students involved in creating their own artworks, with the hopes to create awareness of the smaller pieces of litter that are just as bad as the larger pieces, if not worse.


This art piece, titled Take Away, is made from the rubbish and litter collected on the banks and parks along Whau River. The artwork is a direct hint toward taking your litter away with you.

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Art / Sculpture by: Ryan Kothe
Produced by: The Open Fort
Partners: Whau River Catchment Trust, Auckland Harbour Clean-up Trust, Whau River Walkway Trust.

Year: 2018

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Ryan Kothe / Auckland, NZ.



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