AA Smartfuel

Stop Motion / Commercial

A big but little project showing Kiwis the big fuel discounts they can enjoy as an AA Smartfuel member.

A total of 15 sets were built and although they look quite small, the biggest was nearly 1.5m long. The orange car is based on the classic 1970s Valiant Charger and was carved out of a block of timber.

The hero couple had very specific poses and actions for each scene - basically non existent in miniature model shops. So they were designed from scratch, 3D-printed in a range of poses then hand-painted.

The easiest element to make was definitely the Ohakune carrot. Because... it's a real carrot. Thanks, Mother Nature, and thanks AA Smartfuel for the ride!

15 & 30 second TVC's ↓

Stills and makings ↓

3D printed / hand-painted models ↓

Credit & thanks ♥ Rainger & Rolfe


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