Microsoft - Better Together

Stop Motion / Collaboration

Microsoft invited Wield to take part in their Better Together series, where two artists with different focusses, collaborate on an unexpected project. Wield was paired with Sugar Mama Bakery.

Our task was to make a Zoetrope cake.

It's an extremely tricky bit of designing and cake making - every element has to be in exactly the right place if you want it to animate correctly. So we used just as much math as creativity.

Microsoft commissioned a short documentary of the creative process that brought the Zoetrope Cake to life.

At the end of the collaboration Wield couldn't help photograph all the sections and make a short film showing the cake in action.
As well as creating the movie, the audio and soundtrack design seemed to just fit in place beautifully – a homage to hoodoo tunes.

Bon appétit.

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